Emma Campbell

Artist CV

Artist CV


Research Interests

Emma Campbell is a photographer and activist born in Belfast, based in London for over a decade, and since returned to Northern Ireland.  She is currently researching the impact of women’s documentary photography practice and its links to feminist activism since the birth of photography and the suffragettes.

Emma’s own photography explores the issues raised by the lack of abortion access for women in the island of Ireland.  The stigma and secrecy combined with the attitudes fostered by colonialism and deep religious conservatism are dealt with in a variety of ways, inspired by practices employed by the women photographers in her historical research. This includes photography of direct actions, using the gallery space as an activist space, sharing her practice online to raise awareness, using collage, documentary and found images to produce work that fosters a sense of the structural inequalities that face women faced with decisions about their pregnancies.

Emma has exhibited this work in solo shows in Belfast, Dublin, Berlin and Stockholm. Emma began a residency in Array Studios in the summer of 2015 and became a full studio member in the Autumn of 2015, since then she has been part of their group shows and the open studios days.

March 2014 – month long residency at OKK Gallery Berlin with solo show

June 2014 - Amsterdam Women on Waves discussion and interview

July 2014, 3 weeks residency - Belfast Exposed – making work using the archive material from Women on Waves in Amsterdam. (see documentation)

July 2014 - Belfast Exposed – in progress work with Women on Waves archives and historical research

August 2014 – ARC invitation to talk at Miss Y protest at the gates of the Dail Eireann

September 2014 – solo show Platform “When they put their hands out like scales” showing the progression of the abortion journey through the progression in my work from 2011 – 201

December 2014 Stockholm – “Pack up your troubles” Panrummet Gallery Sweden

October 2014 - Vitamin F – Art as activism workshops with Belfast Feminist Network

December 2014 – Belfast Platform – collaboration with Nicole Werniger

January 2015 – The Abortion Support Network do a Book reprint of “When they put their hands out like scales” as prizes

March 2015 & 2016 International Women’s Day – documentation and participation

June 2015 – Black Box Belfast – Silt and Stones: Instagram 4 women, 1 poet, 3 photographers project

Summer 2015 – Array Studios PHD residency – passport butterflies project “A suitable hobby”

Array Studios – Late night Art Oct 2015 – “A suitable hobby” Solo show

Oct-Nov 2015 – Two for Many, Trans Art Cavan, Array Studios collective show

Member of Home|Work collective in Dublin Sept-Dec 2015

March 2016­­ – When they Put their hands out like scales, Framewerk Belfast

March 2016 – A Suitable Hobby and When they put their hands out like scales, Bangkok (INROADS Stigma Busting International Gathering)
June 2016 – Two for Many, Pollen Studios, Belfast

June 2016 – Labour of Love with Siobhan Clancy and Melissa Madera

September 2016 – Street Art Bites Back, Belfast

October 2016 – A Suitable Hobby – Film Base, Dublin

December 2016 – Street Art Bites Back – Framewerks, Belfast

March 2017 – WANDA – Feminism and moving image festival Belfast

August 2017 – Postcard for the Abortion Rights Campaign

Conferences, Talks and Presentations
2012 - 100 Years of Photography at Newport – exhibition participant, International Alumni Conference, Newport

2012 - Betty Sinclair Winter School – Lusty Beg, Chair of panel on engaging youth in Trade Unions, Northern Ireland Conference

2012 - Sibeal Gender and Feminist Studies Conference – ‘When They Put Their Hands Out Like Scales Film screening, Cork University, Ireland

2013 - Performing Gender – Abortion travel paper, exhibition & film screening, International Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast

2013 - “Nobody told us” - North East Photography Network event, Sunderland Arts Centre, UK, academic invitation only.

2013 - Artworks Symposium – Chair on Artist Practice panel on community-based artists

2013 - Intersecting Gender – organising committee member, chair and feminist workshop facilitator, International Conference, Queen’s University Belfast

June 2014 - Loughborough – paper to staff on feminism and photography after accessing their archives on IRIS

July 2014 - Belfast Exposed – Residency in the Exchange gallery - The display changed as the work progressed and the artworks were done ‘live’ on a projector in the gallery space

July 2014 - Belfast Exposed – Artist Talk – An open talk to the public, attended by various including Gallery Director and Curators. The Talk was entitled, “Do women document?Where photography, feminist activism and research collide.” With intro by Ciara Hickey and a discussion afterwards.

August 2014 - Canada 3 day conference – ‘Abortion – the unfinished Revolution’ conference at Prince Edward Island University.  Panel on Northern Ireland and Abortion, collaboration with other Academics in Social Policy UU, Education UU, Mark Benson on History at QUB

August 2014 – Annual Madge Davison Memorial Lecture on Democracy and Socialism, St Mary’s College Belfast

August 2014 – Belfast Exposed Book Club with Dragana Jurisic

September 2014 – Repeal the Eight Conference – Gresham Hotel, Dublin with Abortion Rights Campaign

October 2015 - Vitamin F, NICVA, Art Activist practice workshop with Belfast Feminist Network members

October 2014 - Platform, Belfast Solo Show – Artist talk with Colin Darke in the gallery space

October 2014 - Platform, Belfast Solo Show – Activist meeting with Alliance for Choice in the Gallery

October 2014 - Platform, Belfast Solo Show – Open lecture with Dr. Fiona Bloomer of UU Social Policy department and myself

October 2014 - Platform, Belfast Solo Show – Discussion group with myself on art and activism, Kellie O’Dowd from Trademark on abortion and education and Dr. Fiona Bloomer on the political discourse around abortion

November 2014 – Betty Sinclair Winter School, Lusty Beg, Participant in lecture on role of Reclaim the Agenda

December 2014 - Panrummet, Stockholm 40 years of Abortion Rights  Flatpack Feminism with Siobhan Clancy and workshop with RSFU members

December 2014 - Panrummet, Stockholm 40 years of Abortion Rights, 
Irish Artist’s Talk with Siobhan Clancy and Emilie Wiederude of RSFU and myself on barriers to access in Ireland

December 2014 - Panrummet, Stockholm 40 years of Abortion Rights Film Festival, screening of films – including film of Ann Rossiter – disrupted by smoke bomb

December 2014 - Panrummet, Stockholm 40 years of Abortion Rights, Ottar magazine launch

January 2015 - Feminist Judgments Project – Film Screening of When they put their hands out like scales and talk on using the language of the media to change public discourse.

January 2015 - Feminist Judgments Project – talk on media as activism/smoke bomb

January 2015 - Amnesty  - Clifton House Belfast talk and workshop

February 2015 - Amnesty publication of survey and report on abortion access in Northern Ireland – MAC Belfast

February 2015 - NUSUSI Women’s conference Derry

February 2015 – submitted 2 abstracts for Fast Forward, Women in Photography Then and Now Conference – one as a solo project and one as a joint paper with Laura O’Connor a fellow PhD candidate

March 2015 - RGS Annual Conference – Poster Submitted, won 1st prize in Art & Design

March 2015 – Ulster Hall – International Women’s Day - Chaired talk with Hester Reeve and Olivia Plender, Sylvia Pankhurst, the Suffragette as a Militant Artist

March 2015 - Amnesty – London School of Economics – gathering of academics and activists on subject of working together to make change

April 2015 - NCAD – Mind the Gap – Dublin - delivered paper entitled “What is feminist activist art practice and how does it form part of a multi-disciplinary approach to research?”

April 2015 - Golden Thread Gallery Belfast – Hosted an evening of films about Abortion Stigma, with a film from myself, Embryo from Rafilm (a feminist Collective in Sweden) and a collection of excerpts from Western media on the portrayal of abortion, with a discussion afterwards.

May 2015 – Remote Photo Festival Donegal -The feminist Lens – talk organised with two other feminist lens artists

May 2015 - Remote Photo Festival Donegal -The feminist Lens – exhibition with two other feminist practitioners

June 2015 – paper accepted for Feminism and the Body in Performance in Dublin’s MART

June 2015 – Belfast Photo Fringe – exhibition of works in all-woman group show: Silt and Stones

March 2016 – INROADS Abortion Stigma Busting Gathering, Bangkok. Facilitation and presentation of works

April 2016 – NICICTU Women’s Conference, Derry. Proposing support of Trust Women Campaign for Alliance for Choice. Proposal accepted.

June 2016 – Reproductive Justice Conference – University of Ulster, Belfast two papers, one performance and facilitation

November 2016 – GMB Women’s conference on behalf of Alliance for Choice

November 2016 – Amnesty conference Time for Change, abortion rights NI

December 2016 – Equality Commission conference on maternity rights, Titanic, Belfast

Spring 2015 – Abortion Islands - Book Chapter co-authored with Siobhan Clancy

Summer 2014 - Article for Source Magazine in “Who is the photographer” Summer issue on women in Photography

December/January 2014/5 – Ottar magazine on 40 years of abortion rights

Autumn 2016 - “Mind the Gap: Working papers on Practice-based Research in the Creative Arts” Edited by Desmond Bell, National College of Art and Design, Dublin

With assistance from: Rod Stoneman, Alan Grossman, Anthony Haughey and Cahal McLaughlin

March 2017 – Publication of artworks in “Female Lines Anthology” on women’s work from Northern Ireland, edited by Dawn Sherrat-Bado

2016 –” Think women seeking abortion in Northern Ireland have other options? Here’s the reality” Guardian, Opinion April https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/apr/05/abortion-northern-ireland-sentencing
2015- Reclaim the Agenda on NVTV https://vimeo.com/129526863
2013 - RTE the Works http://www.rte.ie/player/ie/show/10110434/
2013 - Prism http://prismphotomagazine.blogspot.ie/2013/03/when-they-put-their-hands-out-like.html
2013 - The Irish Times http://www.thecopperhousegallery.com/press/?skip=24
2012 - Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/emma-campbell/is-northern-ireland-ready-for-abortion_b_1962277.html